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For over 25 years, Limkaco Industries Inc has been providing the Philippines with signs, tents and awnings. We have become one of the Philippines’ largest sign manufacturers and as a reflection of today’s evolving world, we now offer tensile fabric architecture Philippines. Tensile fabric structures can be included in interior or exterior design to create structures with exceptional function and aesthetic appeal. Our vision has remained unchanged. We are committed to providing high quality, impressive products of excellent value.

Weaving Experience and Expertise. The main fabric of our commitment to excellence is a 25-year heritage and expertise in providing tents, awnings and outdoor advertising materials across the country. Witness the versatility, durability and aesthetic appeal of our brand of innovative fabric architecture as it dramatically change the landscape of the cities and other urban areas.With the use of industrial-strength and tensile fabric structures, we will shape and execute your vision by introducing a new layer of functionality and value to your indoor and outdoor building process. A full integrated system interlacing the different threads of design, engineering, fabrication and installation  takes you to a whole new level of experience in creating your own iconic masterpiece.Replica Watches www.linkreplicawatches.com

STRETCHING DESIGNS HORIZONS We work in close coordination with you to help your vision take shape. Using NDN Membrane software – the latest computer technology developed by experts in the field of membrane structure – we are fully equipped to analyze with pinpoint accuracy all the aspects of your project and to decide which materials and design are tailor-fit to your needs.

MATERIALS We partner with the leading global fabric manufacturers to give you the best architectural fabrics of exceptional value. Only premium materials sourced from abroad are used when fabricating your projects with an eye of local design and ingenuity.

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