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About Us

Emperador Stadium 2.JPG

Emperor Stadium Bleachers Canopy

Area: 499 sqm.

Fabric: PVC Coated Fabric - SIOEN Type 1

Rize ® Innovations Inc.’s main fabric of commitment to excellence is a 40-year heritage and since 2005 concentrated its expertise in providing tents, awnings, membrane structure and outdoor advertising materials across the country.


We have lived up to our purpose of providing high quality, impressive products of excellent value, making us the leading expert in architectural and recreational tent engineering in the Philippines. 

Philippine Arena .JPG

Centenial Marker, Philippine Arena

Area: 950 sqm.

Fabric: PVC Coated Fabric - SIOEN Type 1

Our mission is to seek global trends, innovative technologies and materials. We achieve this by combining technology and design; to transform the landscape of buildings, parks, and walkways that will enhance how people experience their environment.

Our vision is to see our designs aesthetically and atmospherically integrated into the unique features of the natural landscape.

Basketball Court 10-5.JPG

MegaWorld Basketball Court

Area: 814 sqm

Fabric: PVC Coated Fabric - SIOEN Type 1



We believe that execution is the key to excellence. With each installation, we make sure that our projects are managed by our engineers, project supervisors, laborers, and skilled artisans to ensure that your design concept is realized to its fullest:  

Designs created to endure—to span years and decades; experiences and festivities. Sturdy grids that ultimately become integral to the land’s architectural tradition.


Designs dedicated to convenience—nimble feats of engineering that may be transported and tailored to the demands of any occasion.


At Rize® Innovations Inc., we shape your vision.

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